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Pinot Noir WellingtonPinot 2013 has hit Wellington. Bathed in full sunshine, a rarity, it really was the ideal way to start a conference about the worlds greatest grape. Four days of Pinot loving from all of the regions around New Zealand, with a Pinot party to finish off the celebrations.

The event was opened by New Zealand’s favourite LA son, Sam Neil and other very influential Kiwi wine industry folk. With a mix of humour and tips for the bedroom Sam declared that he was into Pinotphilia, and welcomed everyone to Wellington and Pinot 2013.

These events are usually a mix of back slapping and critiquing. What can New Zealand do better, where can they take it, and how can they learn?

Smoko, Kiwi slang for tea break, witnessed another obsession, coffee. With a queue longer than some British supermarkets it was apparent that as much as people here loved Pinot, they also loved Coffee. I would expect that queue to get longer as the week wears on.

Next we dived into a regional tasting. I experienced the Pinot Pioneers. An introduction to three regions, their sub-regions and characters. What made their regions special and what they were doing differently. An eclectic mix of wineries were gathered in the tasting room, with wines from 2010 to sample.

Following lunch, it was time for a more lively panel discussion about the beloved grape. Then it was back to tasting some older vintages from the group.

The day was wrapped up by food and wine event from the Capitals top chefs and matched with some great wines, not all of it Pinot Noir!

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Written by Jayson Bryant

Jayson’s roots in wine began when his father literally dragged him round France and injected his passion into him. From the age of 8 his family took month long holidays in France travelling through all regions and sampling their wine.
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