Marlborough Classics

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Marlborough Classics

Pyramid Valley Pinot Noir, Greywake Sauvignon Blanc

I had the fortune of dining at The Commons recently, and whilst the food was ok the wines were magnificent. The other diners said they would not have chosen a Marlborough Pinot Noir. This mood is changing but perfectly describes the hurdles for Marlborough Pinto Noir.

When faced with choosing wine I let my fellow diners take me on a journey, although I’m usually handed the wine menu. On this occasion I led the charge for Marlborough. The great surprise was to see Pyramid Valley wines on the list. I immediately ordered the 2009 Pyramid Valley `Cowley Vineyard` Pinot Noir and the 2011 Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc.

Having met Kevin Judd it’s easy to tell the story behind the wines. And what a story Kevin Judd has. If you ever get the chance to chat to him about wine, and especially Marlborough, then do so. He is full of insight on the industry and, with his dry sense of humour (almost English), can walk you through the boom, bust and back to boom days of Marlborough.

Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc 2011

A wine from the pioneer of Marlborough. The fruit is mainly from Brancott Valley and Wairau Plains. A portion of this wine was allowed to go through wild fermentation, and I’m sure that’s what gives this wine an edge. Passion fruit sorbet with wild honeydew flowers are generous on the nose.

The palate has a grapefruit crispness. The other more tropical fruit characters come through at the end. Nice clean line finish. Good depth and definitely a highlight of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc from 2011.

90 Points
5 Stars
RRP $27

Pyramid Valley `Cowley Vineyard` Pinot Noir 2009

This wine will freak the new world wine drinker out. The cloudy nature suggests that the wine has not been filtered, nor fined. The cloudy character only adds to the experience. The wine is shrouded in mystery. The slightly musky aromas of raspberry, spice and coffee add intrigue. The palate continues to give. Depth and texture are the heart and soul of this wine.

It’s a beautifully balanced Pinot with sweet fruit and fine tannin. Ideal for matching with lamb, and can hold its own with some moderately spiced dishes.

92 Points
5 Stars
RRP $50


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Written by Jayson Bryant

Jayson’s roots in wine began when his father literally dragged him round France and injected his passion into him. From the age of 8 his family took month long holidays in France travelling through all regions and sampling their wine.
UnScrewed has reinvented the concept of wine tasting in New Zealand and along the way found a new and willing audience. In addition to encouraging straightforward wine tasting, Jayson educates viewers about the effects of regional factors (soil, sun, wind) on wine flavours, and how to buy wine.

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