UnScrewed celebrates New Zealand wine and Jayson’s passion for it. Whilst Jayson doesn’t like every wine that he tastes, he certainly appreciate wines that have been hand crafted rather than made in a industrial Chemical Factory that make a very homogenous style of wine.

Inspired by show hosts such as Gary Vaynerchuk in the US, Jayson has embarked on telling stories about New Zealand and it’s wine industry.

Jayson Bryant has created a first-of-its-kind in New Zealand web show that will entertain and enlighten while revealing the personalities behind New Zealand wine brands. Each guest is handpicked to give their personal insight on wine and is a window into their life.

Jayson has crafted a profession from his passion and would love to share his opinion, and that is all it is, on New Zealand wine. Forget infomercials and advertising as Jayson Bryant is completely independent of the wine industry and has no hidden agenda other than telling the public about wine.

Jayson’s roots in wine began when his father literally dragged him round France and injected his passion into him. From the age of 8 his family took month long holidays in France travelling through all regions and sampling their wine.

Bored of normal wine writing and it’s traditional values Jayson Bryant observed that the wine industry was stale and embarked on a personal mission to change it. Through UnScrewed and his use of social media he started to inform the New Zealand public about wine through the internet.

Jayson Bryant now has a segment on a national radio station and has appeared in many publications. It always troubled Jayson to observe the stuffiness of the industry–conceited sommeliers, snobby shopkeepers unwilling (or unable) to educate their customers, and seemingly mystical conventions all combine to make wine seem intimidating to the uninitiated. UnScrewed has reinvented the concept of wine tasting in New Zealand and along the way found a new and willing audience. In addition to encouraging straightforward wine tasting, Jayson educates viewers about the effects of regional factors (soil, sun, wind) on wine flavours, and how to buy wine.

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My Rating System.

Points What does it mean?

96-100 Extraordinary

90-95 Outstanding

85-89 Very Good

80-84 Good

70-79 Average

60-69 Below Average

50-59 Poor/Undrinkable

Jayson Bryant is an authority on a wide range of topics, including company Branding, Networking, and Entrepreneurship. His expertise, poise, and infectious enthusiasm make him an engaging and highly sought after public speaker.

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